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Your Trusted Resource for Added Value Fabrication of Fine Wire & Woven Wire Mesh Products

IWM is a trusted partner for the post processes and precision fabrication requirements of your fine wire and woven wire mesh components. Utilizing the latest technical resources, stringent ISO quality control, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we eliminate risk for our clients by providing dependable, defect-free components.


As a manufacturer, we offer our own ‘partners in design’ approach to ensure our fabricated components are optimized to meet our customers’ product requirements. From certified documentation of our raw materials, consistency and precision in our fabrication and post processes, to providing customized packaging and logistics solutions, IWM ensures the best value to our customers. IWM maintains excellence in our product quality through stringent compliance to our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management systems.


Below, please find details concerning IWM’s capabilities for our post processes for our wire and wire mesh to include the treatments, finishes, fabrication, as well as the technical services we provide. For additional technical information concerning our added value processes & services, please see our Technical section.

We invite you to learn more about IWM capabilities in supplying your fine wire & woven wire mesh components and to see why our customers have continued to rely on our quality products since 1888.


IWM provides the following treatments for its manufactured fine wire and woven wire mesh. 

fine wire batch copper coating

Metal Conversion &
Copper Coat Lines

Copper Coat

IWM typically copper coats its low carbon steel wire where the copper acts as both a surface lubricant for the fine wire drawing process as well as a corrosion inhibitor and/or conductor for the fine wire’s use or for the resultant woven mesh IWM produces. 

electro-galvanizing woven wire mesh

Electro-Galvanizing Steel Mesh


Ever since IWM patented the process of electro-galvanizing woven wire mesh, customers have continued to rely on the improved life cycle and enhanced corrosion resistance properties of IWM’s galvanized low carbon steel mesh.

Batch Vacuum Annealing Ovens

Heat Treatments

IWM offers both vacuum and atmospheric annealing of our wire and mesh products ensuring a clean, consistent product suitable for our customers’ and our own post fabrication requirements. 

Calendaring Pressure Rollers for woven wire mesh

Calendaring Pressure Rollers


IWM offers precision calendaring for our woven wire mesh products requiring a smoother mesh or a tighter thickness tolerance required for our post fabrication processes or our customers’ application.


IWM offers passivation for our stainless steel mesh products for improved resistance to surface corrosion as well as a pretreatment for our coated stainless mesh products.


IWM finishing processes and procedures ensure consistent quality control of our products’ finishes. Our continuous automated paint lines and powder coat lines combined with our process controls ensure consistent topcoat application, adhesion, color, texture, and sheen are met to our clients’ expectations.


IWM provides the following finishes and coatings for its manufactured woven wire mesh products:

  • Copper Flashed (Low Carbon Steel)
  • Solvent Cleaned
  • Varnished
  • Electrodeposition Paint Top Coat
  • Epoxy or Polyester Powder Coat
  • Protective films & wraps
Black Epoxy Powder Coat Finish for woven wire mesh

Black Epoxy Powder Coat Finish

Bright Coat Painted Finish for woven wire mesh

Bright Coat Painted Finish


IWM offers extensive in-house capabilities for the fabrication of our woven wire mesh. IWM’s fabricated mesh products are used throughout diverse markets including Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Communications, Consumer Products, Fenestration, and Packaging. Our capabilities ensure that as our customers continue to simplify their supply chains, IWM continues to maintain our stringent quality control while leveraging our core capabilities to bring continued value to our clients.


IWM offers the following fabrication services for our woven wire mesh products:

Gang Roller Slitter for wire mesh

Gang Roller Slitter


IWM provides slitting services for trimming and slit-to-width wire mesh roll goods. Typical widths start at 1inch with dimensional tolerance of 1/32in. or greater depending on the type of mesh and material.

woven wire mesh cut to size

Precision Cut to Size Table

Cut to Size

IWM offers mesh cut to size for use as screens in animal packaging, clothes dryer lint screens, protective screens, and use within injection molded parts among other applications. Dimensional tolerances of 1/32in. or greater depending on material and required shape & size. Specialized packaging can be offered on cut-to-size parts to optimize customer use.

Precision Die Stamped EMI Screen

formed to size antennae reflector woven wire mesh

Formed to Size Antenna
Reflector Mesh

Die Stamped, Die Formed, Pressure Formed

IWM offers discrete die stamped and formed woven wire mesh parts fabricated to meet our clients’ product requirements. IWM has significant experience in die stamping and forming mesh. Working from our customers’ finished product or component design, IWM develops the dies and manufacturing methods to ensure the resultant mesh product repeatably meets our customer’s requirements. IWM has the prerequisite engineering and quality resources to support our customer’s requirements from prototype, to limited rate initial production (LRIP), to full rate production (FRP). For such custom designs, IWM routinely supports certified document submittals through the program’s production part approval process (PPAP) for our Automotive and Aerospace clients, as well as supporting AS9102 formatted first article reports for Defense and government contracts, as required.

Technical Services

Whether our delivered products are wire, woven wire mesh roll goods, or discrete fabricated parts, our commitment to dependable, defect-free parts and customer service distinguishes IWM as a valued partner within our customers’ supply chain. For further technical details concerning IWM’s quality capabilities, please visit our Quality & Technical Services section.


IWM offers the following value-added technical services for our customers:

Application Engineering & Technical Services
  • Design assistance for materials & mesh configuration to optimize fabrication
  • CAD support for fabricated finished goods
  • Customized part preparations & packaging for optimizing end use
Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 9001:2015 Accredited QMS
  • ISO 14001:2015 Accredited EMS
  • Formalized Continuous Improvement Program
  • QA Managed Contract Deliverable Data
    • Certified Mill Test Reports & Material Origins
    • In-Process & NDE Test Reports
    • PPAP Documentation & AS9102 FAI Reports
Customer Service & Program Management
  • Stock programs to support customer EDI Forecasts
  • Formally managed order status updates & change notices
  • Domestic & export freight logistics support
customized packaging and kitting for fabricated goods

Customize Packaging & Kitting

Reuse and Returnable Packaging Solutions

Reuse / Returnable Packaging Solutions