Worldwide Market Experience

IWM’s fine wire and woven wire mesh products are delivered throughout the world supporting diverse markets used for both electrical and mechanical applications. IWM products are used extensively throughout the following markets:

Aerospace & Defense

aerospace plane engine and wing

As a US Manufacturer, IWM offers DFARS compliant specialty metal products in both our mesh and drawn wire. IWM is in continuous production of 5154 aluminum wire used for US Navy compliant shipboard electronic cable armoring. IWM conductive meshes can be used in the construction of aerostructures for use as a grounding member or for lightning strike protection. Our added-value contract manufacturing services for forming, fabrication, metal treatments, and coating processes ensure strict adherence to our clients’ quality requirements for both Military and Aerospace specifications.


woven wire mesh automotive applications

IWM mesh materials can be found throughout the automotive supply chain to include cabin and engine air filtration, support media in oil and hydraulic pleated filters, electromagnetic shielding and grounding media for onboard electronics, as well as wire used in automotive cable harnesses. IWM supports 1st tier suppliers with quality & production data to include production part approval process (PPAP) data. IWM’s ISO 9001:2015 certified quality control ensures defect-free part delivery through all our vertical manufacturing processes from wire, woven wire mesh, to our fabricated mesh products.


communications tower

IWM mesh is utilized as both a conductive and reflective media in the construction of point to point satellite dishes and antennas. IWM mesh is employed as a conductive and shielding media to maintain electromagnetic compliance (EMC) within radio and communication assemblies for both commercial and military communication equipment. IWM fine wire can be found in many of the video, voice, and data cabling used throughout the communication equipment markets. IWM’s vertical manufacturing capabilities and services ensures our products are tailored to our clients’ design requirements.

Consumer Products

consumer end use products

IWM mesh and wire products are used extensively by appliance, kitchen, and housewares manufacturers. IWM mesh can be found on consumer end use products from exclusion screen for apiaries to protective screen used in fireplace covers. IWM has years of experience optimizing the galvanized mesh design for applications such as lint screens for consumer and commercial clothes dryers. Our vertical manufacturing processes which include our contract manufacturing services for fabrication, assembly, and finishes ensure best value to our clients when sourcing their wire and wire mesh products for their products’ design.

Electrical Wire & Cable

spools of electrical fine wire

IWM has over 55,000sqf. of manufacturing dedicated to drawing fine wire to meet our customers’ specific requirements. IWM aluminum and copper wire is used in the construction of electrical cabling to include the braided shielding used in coaxial cables. IWM bronze wire (Alloy 220) is used for cable wrap shielding and hardware for marine and high corrosive applications. From certified documentation of our raw materials, consistency and precision in our drawing & treatment processes, to providing customized spooling and packaging solutions, IWM ensures the best value to our customers.


woven wire mesh consumer products

IWM is a leading producer of electrogalvanized steel wire mesh used for air filtration applications. A variety of our aluminum and steel meshes are used as support media for pleated filters used in liquid filtration for automotive, agriculture, construction, and industrial equipment. Our stainless steel meshes are used for corrosive and high-performance filtration applications. Our contract manufacturing capabilities combined with our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality assurance ensures reliable best value to our clients for both our air and liquid filtration mesh products.


fenestration with metallic mesh

IWM has a long history of providing metallic mesh for insect screening used throughout the world. IWM offers aluminum, galvanized, and stainless meshes for ruggedized, durable screen products. Within the specialty fenestration markets, IWM’s contract manufacturing services provides fabrication and finishing capabilities for force entry and impact resistance security screen as well as conductive fine mesh for use in shielding windows between the 10KHz to 30GHz frequency range.


fine wire used in packaging and transport

IWM wire can be used for many packaging applications to include chub or clip wire for food packaging. IWM is a leading producer of meshes used in the transport packaging of laboratory animals. IWM’s contract manufacturing services provides economical cut to size, fabricated, formed, and assembled mesh products tailored to meet our customers’ packaging design requirements.